issue 53:1, summer 2009

"One of Europe's greatest klezmer groups, Di Naye Kapelye are that interesting mix of the joyous and the academic. Read the booklet with this CD and you'll see some intense research (from books and in the field), as weIl as some storming playing, both from the band and a few selected guests. They're traditionalists, but it's a tradition that casts its net wide, taking in the Romanian title track (written by a Jewish folklorist),  old Yiddish hits ("Nit Bay Motyen"), use of the resonator 'stroh' fiddle, alphabetic acrostics (yes, seriously) and some teaming up with a Hungarian village band. It's all very assured, and never in the least dry. This third outing simply cements their status as one of the most adventurous of the old-school klezmer groups, happy to take chances and turn a spotlight on obscure corners of Jewish music, both European and American. For that alone they deserve all the plaudits they've received. That they do it with such evident passion and pleasure is simply the icing on the (kosher) cake."

Chris Nickson

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