Di Naye Kapelye
CD - Oriente Musik, 1998

"One of the top 10 klezmer CDs of the last year.... Old World melodies
   infused with the dynamic immediacy of street performers."
Seth Rogovoy, Moment

"Music so old it's new again."
Lev Liberman, The Jewish Review    

"Authentic and idiomatic... the earthy, rural sound of klezmer music as
it probably sounded in the villages of Romania before the Second World War."
Simon Broughton, Songlines

"Whether you usually listen to classical music, or folk, or trance,  or heavy metal klez, this is the most universally moving album to be  released in the past year.  More than anything else I have reviewed this year,  this album is"asli" (in the blood authentic, as Israelis from  North Africa are wont to say) klezmer is almost irrelevant--a chance  categorization."
Ari Davidow, Klezmer Shack

"De beaux airs yiddish. Une musique entrainante. A decouvrir."

 "These excellent musicians lovingly and energetically recall a world
that once spoke Yiddish."
The Oregonian

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List of Tracks
1. Dem Rebns Tants
2. Ani Maamin/Wedding March from Transylvania
3. Hangu and Freylachs from Podoloy
4. Kotsk/Dem Trisker Rebns Nign
5. Shloimke's Russian Dance
6. Naftule's Doina
7. Moldav-O-Rama
8. Bet Zikh iber un Geyt a Tentsl
9. Ono B'choach - Slow Hora/The Odessa Bulgar
10. Jewish Tunes from Szatmar
11. Yismekhu/in Ades/Aron's Chosid Tants
12. Bobover Wedding March

Bob Cohen (vocals, violin, mandolin)
Christina Crowder (accordion, drum)
Geza Penzes (bass, cello, koboz, drum, background vocals)
Janos Barta (clarinet, background vocals)
Yankl Falk (metal and wood clarinets, vocals)
with guest
Robert Kerenyi (Moldavian caval and flutes, drum)

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