Cassette - Di Naye Kapelye, 1995

"Bob Cohen has achieved authenticity in the most rewarding way:
He goes to towns all over Romania and Hungary . . . and finds older players, Jewish or Gypsy, and records what they remember. The result is a style of playing that feels so natural and authentic, so demanding of dance and dance and dance, that, for a few moments, other klezmer bands seem artificial and irrelevant."
Ari Davidow, Klezmer Shack

List of Tracks

1. Naftule's Freylachs
2. Hora and Freylachs from Podoloy
3. Yale Ve Yove Tants
4. Odessa Bulgarish
5. A Kholem
6. Tants Istanbul
7. The Buhusher Csango
8. Yismekhu/In Ades/ Varshaver Freylachs
9. Bosnian Niggun
10. Jewish Tunes from Szatmar
11. Di Mashkes
12. Dem Rebbns Tants


Bob Cohen (vocals, violin, mandolin)
Christina Crowder (accordion, drum)
Géza Pénzes (bass, cello, koboz, drum, background vocals)
Elina Jutta Jelys (Clarinet)
with guest
Yankl Falk (vocals)

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