Leon Schwartz
One of the best examples of traditional Jewish fiddling is the music of Leon Schwartz (1900-1989).

Born in Karapchiv, Ukrainian Bukovina, Leon often traveled to Vatra Dornei in the summers to play for the visiting rabbis who came to take the waters at the town’s famous spas.

His CD "Like in a Different World," on Global Village Music (New York), is one of the best examples of authentic Jewish fiddling. The notes by Leon’s protégé and friend Michael Alpert (of Brave Old World) are clear and informative.

It is important to note that Alpert prefers to classify Leon Schwartz’s music as that of a "Bukovina" fiddler instead of "klezmer": Leon’s range of styles and inter-ethnic repertoire reflects his region as well as his own Jewish upbringing.

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