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Press Clips
Di Naye Kapelye Concerts
From Ari Davidow - Budapest, 1996

"Each bit of melody is familiar, although I can usually not place any piece exactly. It is a new cloth made of familiar threads, an improvisation, the making of a Hungarian or Romanian Jewish musical quilt, in a way that is far less tidy, and far more intense, to my ears, than the twentieth century "pop" way of playing."

"A song later I am starting to get it. There is a scraping to the fiddle that at first seems ... scraping, and then seems to pull the feet along, to drag the melody into an intensity totally at odds with the pace and piece. It is something special. It is like tasting paprika for the first time."

Go to the Klezmer Shack for the full story.

A Concert in Prague, 2000 – In German, on

Record Reviews: CD "Di Naye Kapelye"

"Authentic and idiomatic...the earthy, rural sound of klezmer music as it probably sounded in the villages of Romania before the Second World War."

Simon Broughton, Songlines

"Whether you usually listen to classical music, or folk, or trance,  or heavy metal klez, this is the most universally moving album to be  released in the past year.  More than anything else I have reviewed this year,  this album is "asli" (in the blood authentic, as Israelis from  North Africa are wont to say) klezmer is almost irrelevant --a chance categorization."

Ari Davidow, Klezmer Shack

"De beaux airs yiddish. Une musique entrainante. A decouvrir."

 "These excellent musicians lovingly and energetically recall a world that once spoke Yiddish."

The Oregonian

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