Concert Highlights

Di Naye Kapelye has toured extensively throughout Europe, delighting audiences in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, The Czech Republic and Hungary. Di Naye Kapelye has worked with numerous theater and dance groups, and has received the prize for "Best Folk Composition" for our collaboration with the Tisza Dance Ensemble's choreography of Jewish dances.

Kaustinen (Finland) Folk Music Festival
Warszawa Singera Jewish Culture Festival - Warsaw, Poland
Jewish Fall Festival - Budapest, Hungary

Klezmer Night in Holland (13-city tour)
1st KlezMore Festival - Vienna, Austria
Festival Devet Bran (9 Gates) - Prague, Czech Republic

Muziekcentrum Vredenburg - Utrecht, Holland
Klezmerwelten Festival - Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Concentus Moraviae - Trebic, Czech Republic
Jewish Culture Festival - Krakow, Poland

Ashkenaz Festival - Toronto, Canada
de Wandelende Tak - Amsterdam
de Warande - Turnhout, Belgium
Suoni dal Mondo - Bologna, Italy

Folk Festival Dranouter, Belgium
Festival Boulevard - Den Bosch, Holland

Festival Devet Bran - Prague, Czech Republic
Internationaal Joods Muziekfestival - Antwerp, Belgium
C.C. Ter Rivieren - Deurne, Belgium
Chassé Theater - Breda, Holland
Rasa Music Center - Utrecht, Holland
Tonic - New York

Akropolis Theater - Prague, Czech Republic
Musee d’art et d’histoire du Judaisme - Paris, France
Fetes de la Musique - Paris, France
Jewish Culture Festival - Krakow, Poland
Festival d'Eté a Nantes - Nantes, France
Perleberg Festival für Folk, Lied und Weltmusik - Perleberg, Germany
13. Jüdische Kulturtage - Munich, Germany

Shorashim Festival - Volterra, Italy
Synagogue Chain - Szmorin, Slovakia

Tage Der Judischen Kultur - Chemnitz, Germany
Klezmer Musica Festival - Ancona, Italy
Villa Caruso - Firenze, Italy
"Trains" - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Sidmouth International Folk Festival - Sidmouth, England

VII. Ost-West Folk Festival - Koszeg, Hungary

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