Jewish Music in Eastern Europe
Resources for playing and research
Jewish Music in Romania
by Bob Cohen. This article talks about some of the research behind the Di Naye Kapelye sound.

Jewish Musicians in Moldavia
by Itzik Schwartz. Published in Romanian in 1972 (pen name I. Kara) in the Timisoara Jewish cultural journal "Revista Cultului Mozaic" and translated (loosely) by Bob Cohen. Itzik is a Yiddish historian and former director of the Iasi Yiddish theater (1948-1966) who was born in Podu Iloaiei (Podoloy) in 1905 and lived and wrote in Iasi until his recent death.

Jewish Fiddle
by Bob Cohen. A short piece about several techniques for Jewish fiddlers - krekhts, dreydlakh, and sekund.

How to Sound Like a Geezer
by Bob Cohen. In-frequently Asked Questions about style, repertoire, and who really is the King of Klezmer.

Where Our Music Comes From: A Gallery of Photos by Fumie Suzuki
Meet some of the musicians DNK has learned from.

What is a Klezmer?
How to spot them on the street, and how to avoid them when necessary.

Leon Schwartz
A great Bukovina fiddler

On the Road in
Romania, October 2005
Bob Cohen and friends in Romania, from the blog of our good friend Mark Rubin. Photos by Fumie Suzuki.

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